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As many of you know, QuickBooks Pro and Premier have limitations on the number of Items, Customers, Vendors etc. you can store in the program.  There is a maximum of 14,500 records that can be stored before a business must either upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise, or clean up their existing file and remove old records.  Many businesses never approach the limit of 14,500 but others may need to be mindful of it.

If you have any concern about where you stand in terms of your record counts, there is a quick way to get a snapshot.  When you are in QuickBooks, hit the F2 button on your keyboard, and a window will appear with all sorts of useful information: license number, version number, etc.  Amongst this information is a list of your record counts.  Keep in mind that the 14,500 limitation is a combined count of your Customers, Vendors, Employees and Other Names.  You don’t have to bother with the math, just be sure you look at the “Total Names” count.

This month happens to be a great time to upgrade to Enterprise if it is something you have been thinking about.  Intuit is running a Trade Up promotion, whereby they are offering full credit for any previously purchased copies of QuickBooks Pro or Premier.  Depending on the number of licenses you have purchased, you may be entitled to a credit of up to $1500!

If you have any interest in upgrading your software, be sure to be in touch so we can discuss your options.