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13774169_540276639516680_416331705_aQuickBooks Desktop 2018 is Available!

According to Intuit, the two most warmly received changes measured during trial testing are the new Multi-monitor Support feature and the security change associated, which allows users to “Remain Logged-in.”


New and Improved Features In QuickBooks Desktop 2018

Multi-monitor supportMulti-monitor-makes it easy to move a Quickbooks window to a different monitor where Quickbooks was resident. It also means that pop-up windows associated with the working window will appear on the correct monitor. That means no more having to track down pop-up messages hidden behind an un-associated window.



Remain Logged-in-now you don’t have to log-in every time you open or switch Company files. (This is an optional preference)




QB2018_COA_SearchSearch Chart-of-Accounts-allows you to search by part or all of an Account Name or Number.




QB2018_Cash_Accrual_ToggleCash/Accrual Toggle on reports-QuickBooks 2018 has added a Cash-Accrual Toggle right on the report to make changing your reports easier than ever.





Past Due Stamp on Invoices-QuickBooks 2018 Desktop now displays a Past Due Stamp when viewing past due invoices. You can also elect to have the Past Due stamp print on invoices in either printed or PDF formats.



QB2018_customize_inventory_reportsEnhanced Inventory Reports (customize columns)-with this feature, you can customize the columns within the Inventory Valuation Summary, Inventory Status by Item and Assembly Shortage by Item reports. This feature is available in all QuickBooks Desktop 2018 with the exception of QuickBooks Pro.



QB2018_secure_webmail (1)Webmail Users: Secure Webmail– with the new Secure Webmail (enhanced security), you will use OAuth 2.0 – the industry standard to send emails.




QB2018_Payroll_Liabilities_ReminderPayroll Users: Payroll Liability Reminder-this new badge alerts you seven days prior to any payroll liability item deadlines.




qb2018_merge-vendorsMerge Multiple Vendors– with this new Merge Vendors feature you can merge up to four vendors at one time. You can also retain relevant information from the vendors you’re merging into the “master vendor” you’re retaining.



Sales Order Fulfillment Enhancements and Portable Scanner Option (and more) for Order Fulfillment-Enhanced Security and Behind-the-scenes-ImprovementsQuickBooks Enterprise v18 is offering several new Sales Order related functionalities for Advanced Inventory users. These include enhanced Sales Orders as well as a Mobile Scanner option (or Android app) for order fulfillment

IMPORTANT: In our experience, it is best to wait to upgrade to the new version until we have had time to work with it. Typically, there are several patches that are released fairly quickly to address problems that arise.
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