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QuickBooks 2013 Ribbon LayoutQuickBooks 2013 is getting a great deal of attention already, with its bold new user interface and improved functionality. Intuit released the 2013 lineup on September 24th, bringing the sleek new design that is getting all the hype. Here’s a summary of changes you can expect:

  • Improved Navigation – Simplified and improved with larger fonts, more white space and easy access to your most common tasks.
  • Ribbon Layout – New format provides consistent placement of actions, making it easier to accomplish key tasks.
  • Centers Customization – Customer and Vendor centers now more customizable, allowing up to 8 contact fields and multiple notes per contact.
  • Auto POs – Stock status reports show you which items you need to reorder, and ability to auto create all PO’s in one step.
  • Default Classes – Assign default classes to items, accounts or names.
  • And Even More Improvements in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, including: Higher List Limits, Bin Location Tracking, and Barcode Scanning

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